My January & February Favorites! Everything & Anything!

My January & February Favorites! Everything & Anything!
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Here are all of the items that I discussed in the video with time stamps for you:

Essential Oil & Wooden Utensil Set Giveaway: 2:00
Making YouTube Videos: 4:00
Hot Baptiste Vinyasa Flow Yoga: 4:50
Crystals & Gemstones (Pyrite, Quartz, & Amethyst): 5:45
Crystal Bliss Book by Devi Brown: 6:35
Crystal Muse Book: 6:40
Ecuadorean Palo Santo & Sage: 7:00
BOOKS: 8:00
Mask of Masculinity by Lewis Howes: 8:30
Love Does by Bob Goff: 8:45
Inward by Yung Pueblo (Poetry): 9:10
Non-Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg: 9:40
Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins: 10:30
The Four Agreements, Mastery of Love, Mastery of Self by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.: 11:05
Love is by Kim Casali: 11:40
Beauty Favorites from 100 Percent Pure! See links: 12:15
Here are links to the makeup products I mentioned:
Fruit Pigmented® Satin Eye Shadow: Caribbean:
Fruit Pigmented® Pot Rouge Blush: Ballerina:
Fruit Pigmented® Pomegranate Oil Anti Aging Lipstick: Hibiscus:
Fruit Pigmented® Pomegranate Oil Anti Aging Lipstick Primrose:
Lush Ocean Salt Body Scrub: 13:40
FullyRaw Body Butter: 14:15
Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil: 14:50
Depetra Vegan Custom Made Jewelry: 15:10
Lemon Garlic Ginger Dressing: 16:00
Fuzzy Warm Socks: 16:40
Stella McCartney Adidas Running Shoe: 17:10
Sheer Koral Yoga Pants: 17:50
The Pink-Lady Jacket My Nana Gave Me haha: 18:00
Alan Watts: 19:00
My Spotify: @fullyrawkristina 19:40
Compassion Cards with Words of Wisdom: 20:00

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Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram lives to inspire a FullyRaw, or 100% raw vegan healthy vegan lifestyle at www.fullyraw.com. A raw vegan lifestyle incorporates fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. KristinaFullyRaw posts new videos every week that include recipes, tips, tricks, vlogs, motivational, fitness, exercise, and inspiration on how to be the best version of yourself.


45 thoughts on “My January & February Favorites! Everything & Anything!

  1. Great video Kristina. Love these kinds of videos, especially from people who inspire me like you do. I would like a short room tour before the make-over just to see what you want to change before you change it 😉 Looking forward to more not-food related videos from. Hugs and love from Christine, DK

  2. I am a Young Living Distributor and I love oils as well. I combine the oils with yoga. If anyone is looking for guidance with essential oils or even wants to start using essential oils in your life, you can contact me. I would love to help you 🙂 X

  3. i really tried the raw vegan diet. Ate all i want just no meats no cooked food fruits and veggies nuts seeds and all i want… im sorry i wish it worked for me. But it didnt…. constant gas, bloating and discomfort 24-7 2.5 years straight…. unhealthily skinny… borderline anorexic….. towards the end started getting sick eating all organic literally every 3 weeks i was yet sick all over again with something! Sorry but eating mcdonalds 5 days a week was i in much better health. I wish vegan worked for me and my genetics but the cold hard reality is it didn't. idk if its just my genetics, but i can promise you this much. It wasn't because I messed up the diet it was the diet that messed me up i promise

  4. Aww shucks! I'm not on Instagram and have no desire to be, but I really could use a peppermint or lavender essential oil!Favorite things are encouraging and wonderful! I recently overcame cancer through juicing and during my survival fight I learned to embrace favorite things! I would love to send you an agate from my beach, good energy!I live on the coast at the Calif Oregon border and ocean tumbled agates are on our beaches.

  5. tip for pimple :- turn on juice extractor button add bitter-melon pieces, carrot pieces, basil leaves take out juice turn off button fill in spray bottle add 3 drop tea tree oil

    apply on pimples at night wash off in morning

  6. I know a book…it's really famous, it has so much wisdom. You can learn everything you need to know about life, love and purpose. It's a best seller…you may have heard of it? It's called The Bible. ❤️

  7. Kristina… love your videos. Love your work. I can see how much you love your hair… do you know how happy you could make several little girls battling cancer with your hair? Just something to think about. Keep up the good work.

  8. Hi Kristina! You sure are a beautiful amazing woman. I love your videos, love your recipes, your good energy and your positivity about life. Though I'm not a raw vegan, I really enjoy your fully raw recipes (specially your hummus) and try to have at least one fully raw meal every day. You truly are an inspiration and one of the people that I look up to, as my role model. With your positive inspiration, I've been changing a few aspects about my life and I want to thank you so so much for making the world a better place. If there's one thing I could suggest, is for you to listen the song Alive, by Arrows to Athens. This song always makes me feel that I can conquer anything. I wish you all the very best in this world and a lot of love from Brazil. <3

  9. My favourites out of yours are your crystals, books, makeup, socks (I have several of them also), frankincense, jewellery, jacket, running shoes (I have old black Stella McCartneys and want the new gold ones) and upgrading with your classes. 🙂 My own favourites include earning a licence that can earn me five figures+ in a day, a large fresh squeezed orange juice I had yesterday, watching the Winchester film at the cinema, watching the Winter Olympics, reading a biography of a fascinating early 20th century British figure, pink eyeliner, clear yet glittering lip gloss, and training in my own sport and dance!

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