LIFE UPDATE | (App Launch, Juice Challenge, & Birthday in Morocco)

Hey my friends! I haven’t posted in a week because I have been SUPER busy getting ready working on the following for you… 1) I am launching my first app soon! It’s going to be called the FullyRaw App, and it will be the most comprehensive raw food lifestyle app EVER. I am so excited for this! I will be announcing the launch date soon…stay tuned! 2) Next, I have been doing giveaways on my Instagram with each post that goes up! I am doing a mix of essential oils and now wooden utensil sets. To win one, simply go to and turn on my post notifications. When I post, you will get a notification. Simply go to the post, LIKE IT, and comment that you’d like to win a giveaway. I select the winners at random and announce them on my instagram stories. 3) Due to popular demand, I will be sharing a brand NEW 7-Day Juice Cleanse Challenge Program for you VERY SOON! It will be an immediate access challenge offered for you on my website that you can do for a total body, mind, and spirit cleanse and detox. I’ve been working really hard on it, so get ready! It’s time for some Spring cleaning.

In addition to those three things, I will be doing TONS of traveling this coming year. I am currently in Morocco for my 31st birthday. I also hope to do my first raw food vegan retreats this year in Bali and possibly Guatemala. I have no dates set yet for any of these things because they are in the works, but I wanted to make a video nonetheless to let you guys know these amazing things are coming for you! I hope you jump on them as soon as they are released!

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49 thoughts on “LIFE UPDATE | (App Launch, Juice Challenge, & Birthday in Morocco)

  1. I remember when I first came to this channel the comments section was a depressing place full of useful idiots, trolls, and haters. It's really nice to see it's gotten better now.

    Kristina, did u ever learn about pure gum turpentine? I know you're really into essential oils, and this one is a miracle oil. Parasites and candida hate it. SunFruitDan on YouTube is a great resource for learning about it.

    Take care 🙂

  2. I'm Vegan and kinda more happier but I always love flowers and butterflies and magic itself I still can't control my emotions but get my vitamins to help mood it's helping

  3. I am reinventing myself at age 62 – I have read Tony Robbins Unshakeable and am now reading Awaken the Giant Within (also by Tony Robbins) I am just coming into the whole conscious/subconscious mind awareness to become successful and financially free. Both books have been eye openers for me. At my age I admit to being a wee bit intimidated – but I know that I know ALL things are possible. I have written all my goals down – now have to prioritize them – kinda following directions in the book. Once complete moving on to a 10 day challenge from the book – and then……everything is always working out for me!

  4. Reinventing my life right now actually. Done it before, about 11 years ago. It’s hard but also so good for the body and soul. Excited about the New path in life, and where it will take me. It can be a challenging process, but it’s totally worth it! All the blessings and so much love to you, and everybody else on this path right now! 💕🤗

  5. I have a realllyy hard time gainning and keep weight as a non vegan. I was told it was depression by the doctors but im currently receive treatment after almost 3 years and im still underweight. I want to go vegan but im afraid it may make me even more tinier!!! Ms. Kristina what can i do to join its movement of my love for animals without depending on to consume animal products? Its too difficult as well as exhausting! Have a Blessed Day i enjoy your vlogs!!!

  6. Well… I spent YEARS studying engineering and the minute I graduate, the economic crisis hit my country. Constructions was one of the first sectors to suffer. Even though I spent two years doing everything in my power to find myself a job, I failed miserably. I hit rock bottom, I got depressed and then I changed paths. I started a business with a friend that has nothing to do with engineering. I am a creative designer now. The main reason why I succeded into changing life paths is that I quit being afraid and let go of things that were taking me nowhere. Yes, I loved engineering. Yes, it is a shame that after all that effort I had to give it up. If your path leads you nowhere and you see no other path available….just pick up a shovel and make one yourself.

  7. Thank you Kristina!! I’m glad your rediscovering your purpose and looking forward to your new chapter in life, please keep showing us what you eat while traveling. You inspire people to making better choices.

  8. one month from today (April 9) will mark 4 YEARS AGO that I found your channel. How do I know that? Thats the day I became a vegetarian. April 8 will mark 6 months vegan. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! THANKS FOR CHANGING MY LIFE!!!

  9. I love your channel. What is the juice challenge all about? If u don't want to answer this question, that's fine, but what happen to your co-op. Maybe in the future want to be vegan. Do u have a video on transforming into a fully raw vegan?

  10. I've been stuck in a transition for the last 3 years or so. Grew up doing theatre and wanted to pursue it as a career until my last year in college. Ended up being sexually assaulted two months before I graduated, while in a relationship that would ultimately be abusive. I actually found your channel while I was abroad with him. You kept me sane! Took me almost a year and a half to really get it together, but I'm actually going to go to back to school for nutrition and business!

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