18 thoughts on “My Favorite Vegan Snacks

  1. You are an absolutely valuable asset to our generation and planet. Thank you for continuing on with making videos, educating us and fighting through any challenges you may have. You make my list of youtube subscriptions much healthier. <Smile>

  2. Does any of your work contain helpful info for people missing a gallbladder? And people that have had the roux n y gastric bypass surgery? My mom has had both. Some doctors say she needs bile salts but that is animal dirived so it doesn't sound right to me. Also lettuce and fruit sugar is too strong for her stomach. She really messed herself up. Can you give some advice or do a video on it? THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. (she is 58 but seems 95 with all the ailments she has, many are from that weight loss surgery she did in 2001. worst mistake she ever made. So sad. I wonder if your enzymes would help her? It seems everything is "too strong" for her except mainstream medical drugs, but they seem to be killing her in my opionion. xoxoxoxo

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