46 thoughts on “One Big Happy Family

  1. DanMcDEEEEE! No way. Those two young women can't be your little daughters. For one, they're far too attractive. 🀣 😍 …Just like your "lady friend." Lookin' good, McDonald. Love from Ed

  2. Beautiful Family! Wow…it’s great to see your daughters have grown into beautiful young ladies. I still love the transitional soup recipes. You were adorable 😊

  3. Hi Dan just coming back to YouTube for first time in 2 months and seen that you uploaded on main page. Wanted to say thank you so much for it inspiration on my journey . I just completed my longest water fast yet t 12 days . I coulda gone further I think but I have to get busy with some things and need to be up and about so I just ate some pineapple and coconut water . I'm doing it right this time absolute raw purity and you are hugely to thank. God bless You and may everyone grow parasite free and blissful throughout 2018

  4. You really have evolved an over the years Dan. And it's just so strange to see your girls all grown up now. I've been watching you since 2009 is when I discovered you and your Channel. Quite the journey πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

  5. You are all so adorable together. I love how much you have all grown. I watched you way back when you were doing videos from your trailer Dan. And now look at the growth you have gone through. It's really a beautiful thing. You have two beautiful little ladies and a beautiful partner. That beauty next to you though. She looks just like her daddy. haha. I can tell she took after you a lot.

  6. I thank GOD Dan that you're a good dad who, through all your struggles/battles have paid child support and communicate with your daughters. As for Dakota, she's not their mother, nor is she family. I thank GOD the girls' mother is still their mother, in spite of your differences. Truth. Give honor to where honor is due.

  7. What an amazing story. From a pretty rough upbringing to the number one, most knowledgable health guru in the business. From the very beginning he knew that if he helped/cured himself, he would be able to help others, spreading his message of healthy food, peace, and love.

  8. Besides being a beacon of light in this world Dan…you have survived teenage daughters !! a gold medal/purple heart for this guy or maybe a Nobel Prize…nearing grandfatherly stage.. yet looking so young.

  9. I get it, thanks for sharing Dan. Time doesn't heal all wounds, but it's good to see you're in a place where the communication can be understood. As they mature, they will see what a true life changer you have been to thousands. The sacrifice is real. I can dig it.

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