GLOBAL POLLUTION CRISIS…Save Our Oceans! + Glass Straw Giveaway

In an attempt to bring awareness to trash pollution, I am giving away ONE FREE GLASS STRAW from Simply Straws ( to each person who downloads the yearly subscription portion of my FullyRaw App. This keeps people motivated to not only create less waste, but also keep encouraged to consume more fruits and vegetables for better health and a better earth. To claim your free glass straw, follow these three steps:

1) Download my FullyRaw App from the iTunes Store here:

2) Sign-up for the yearly based subscription portion of the app where you will have access to all of my challenges and recipes.

3) Screenshot your receipt and email it to giveaway@fullyraw.com.

Within 48 hours, you will receive a response email with a redemption code for your free glass straw. Does not include the cost of shipping.

Thank you for being a part of a movement that will help to save our earth! I love you and thank you! ~ Kristina

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40 thoughts on “GLOBAL POLLUTION CRISIS…Save Our Oceans! + Glass Straw Giveaway

  1. They've been singing their "clean up the ocean" song since the hippie 60s. You would think that if they really wanted to clean up their mess, they would have by now. They don't care.

  2. Hi Kristina,
    great video! We need more of this kind people taking personal responability for our mother nature.
    I really struggle to understand fellow vegans who are making the connection from veganism to environmentalism but yet overlook their own personal airtravel as a often far bigger source of climate pollution than all the meat you can possibly eat in a year.
    Especially with your ability to multiply the message I challenge you to one year without air travel. Are you in?

    PS: I will be with you on this year.

  3. The main issue revolves around man's lack of appreciation for the environment, driven by the scourge of mass consumerism and politics. Modern man has positioned himself to be the masters over this planet and now his very existence is threatened due to his selfishness. 100% agree with Kristina's take on how we can no longer wait for politicians' to decide for us what we must do on this matter.

  4. The globe isn’t a real thing. Have you ever seen it with your own eyes, not on a video or in a photo? No. Yet you have seen the flat earth. In your daily experience that’s what you see. Of course there are mountains and valleys but water when not moving is always flat. It doesn’t curve over a sphere. Try it on a basketball. It falls right off. Flat earth is worth researching. Try the web site stoplookthink dot com. There’s a flat earth section with many resources.

    I love you Kristina. I’m vegan and am inspired by your videos. Try “the world” or “world wide” instead of using the word “global”. It’s more accurate. 🌞🌸

  5. My straw is my mom's nipple! Reusable again and again for years 😀 And mom uses glass straws and thinks people of the world should unite and kick plastic pollution to a thing of the past!

  6. Plastic bags and also the packaging of food are terrible in supermarkets. There are alternatives, but the governments are not making enough pressure. In addition to that, it is important to start educating children very early on this subject.

  7. I know the local Woolworths supermarket in my area (in Australia) has got rid of 1 use only shopping bags & now only has reusable plastic & fibre shopping bags.

    They are also getting rid of plastic drinking straws as well !!!!

    We have evolved as a country as well there is nowhere as much rubbish on the sides of the roads as there was over 30 years ago,we also have a waste transfer station which sorts out which rubbish gets recycled where,such as plastic, metal,aluminium, glass, etc.

    I dispose of used engine oil there as well where it gets sent away to be recycled,my used printer cartridges I hand into the local post office where they are sent away to be converted into a road base for the local roads (tar ?).

    I know in Indonesia they have a lot of trouble with plastic waste which just ends up in the ocean for the sea creatures to eat & choke on.

    As far as going vegan goes,um,that's the whole idea of me moving in with Ashleigh at the end of the year,she's a Booth whose a vegan,my family isn't.

    My family won't change but I will for her & my own health as well,the vegan meals are healthier !!!!

    Hopefully this week I'll get my vegan friendly jobs,I seem to have a lot of trouble with the trades as not many of them are vegan people !!!!

  8. Last year the german government decided that stores should stop giving plastic bags for free, instead costumers needed to buy them. Alone in the year 2017 Germany has cut their plastic bag consumption in half !
    And at the moment the government is thinking about banning single use plastics like straws etc in the entire country !!
    I think other countrys need to take action as well !!!

  9. sorry Kristina, love your job but this one … you fly around the world and then you pick trash! that's not ok. yes trash need to be taken care of – locally. you flying is so much more damaging than any trash you might pick up.

  10. Plastics, Phthalates, Glyphosates, Pesticides, Antibiotics, Table Sugar, BPAs, and many more man made toxins are opening up now! Why the term organic hasn't played much role by now is that, most of us have been looking for the term INSTANT CURE! And by now we are realising, that it doesn't exist! Giving up these bloody toxins by self is far much better than getting yourself controlled by the modern medicine to suppress the effects caused by them! Thank you Kristina, for taking such an effort! Gr@t work!!

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