WHAT I ATE TODAY | Raw Vegan Keto Diet?! Low Sugar Meals & Recipes

WHAT I ATE TODAY! Raw Vegan Keto Diet & Low Sugar FullyRaw Meals & Recipes! Check out the Kuvings juicer & blender here: Please download the yearly subscription portion of my recipe app, and you will be gifted a free reusable glass straw from To claim your free glass straw, follow these three steps:

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Thank you for being a part of a movement that will help to save our earth! I love you and thank you! ~ Kristina

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Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram lives to inspire a FullyRaw, or 100% raw vegan healthy vegan lifestyle at www.fullyraw.com. A raw vegan lifestyle incorporates fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. KristinaFullyRaw posts new videos every week that include recipes, tips, tricks, vlogs, motivational, fitness, exercise, and inspiration on how to be the best version of yourself.


39 thoughts on “WHAT I ATE TODAY | Raw Vegan Keto Diet?! Low Sugar Meals & Recipes

  1. Looks like I should do a video talking about a Keto diet?!? I talk a little bit about this in the beginning. I don’t consume a Keto diet. I believe fruit is very good for us, and I eat a LOT of it. Also to clarify I didn’t say these are Keto recipes for those who are asking. These are low sugar raw vegan recipes.

  2. For all the people saying this is not keto food i was under the impression that keto people DO eat carbs…but only a very tinsy tiny amount. So technically you can eat anything given the right amounts right? I dont think Kristina was telling anyone to make those exact amounts and eat all of it in one meal or one day, it was just some options for what you could eat.

  3. How can kale chips be fully raw? They're baked, fried or just cooked in some way. Oh, and chickpeas (garbanzo beans) are very dangerous to eat raw and not recommended.


  4. Please I want to ask you a question and don’t get me wrong pleaaaase : Kristina is such a beautiful woman and her beauty is just outstanding ! but I want to know if I’m the only one that have the impression that she looks mature (she doesn’t look old, but it’s weird I don’t know how to describe) she has no wrinkles beautiful skin gorgeous hair amazing sexy body but why do I feel that she looks a bit older than her age ? Is it the vegan diet ? Don’t get me wrong she is amazing but I just want to know if someone has the same opinion and i want also to know if there is a relation with her diet ! Love you

  5. For the million subscribers video, you should do a montage of how your channel has evolved over the years, including all tests, trials and tribulations. A testament for people to keep going no matter what!!!

  6. Wow this is one of the BEST what I eat in a days possibly ever! I’m currently on holiday but when I get home I cannot wait to get back on track with my what I eat in a days and filming them!! Xx

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