Protein-Hydration-Electric Foods-Inflammation

Puradyme Protein:

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40 thoughts on “Protein-Hydration-Electric Foods-Inflammation

  1. There are people that just have no clue about food. They would hate every word you said. Recently I offered a visitor cherries. She asked fresh or canned? Excitedly I replied, fresh! She said, ewwwwww! No way! I told her, good! More for me!

    She thinks I'm nuts. I think that she is missing too many teeth for someone in their 20's! I no longer look at age. I look at health.

    I'm 65, been watching your videos for about a decade. (Thanks for your help!) I take no medications, height/weight ratio is great, no high blood pressure, great energy… What can I say? Thank you many times over!

    I could say a lot more, but I won't. 😎

  2. Can anyone tell me where Tavis Bradley went? I can't find his website or any other information anywhere on the internet except for a few YouTube videos. It's like he appeared publicly for only a couple years then dropped off the map. I really want to learn more from him, as DTM holds him in such high regard. Thanks to anyone who has info on this and where that dude went.

  3. The only kind of protein supplement that my body will allow me to take is the Hemp Protein powder. All other kinds make me severely ill! Yes even this brand. I like their other products through.

  4. The true healers WANT the extremely long videos!!!! I LOVE how in depth you go! All of my lifestyle changes I learned from you and even after an hour long video I’m sad lol I always want more insight from Dan the Man! Love you so much! I’ll continue to encourage and support you! You’re amazing! Btw you visited me in my subconscious the other night! We had a raw fruit adventure 😉

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