Why I Started Eating Salt After 8 Years | FullyRaw Vegan

After 8 years of being salt-free and eating a raw vegan diet, I started adding pink salt and Celtic salt into my salad dressings at night. Here’s why… Join the NEW 7-Day FullyRaw Vegan Challenge: Download My FullyRaw App:

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Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram lives to inspire a FullyRaw, or 100% raw vegan healthy vegan lifestyle at www.fullyraw.com. A raw vegan lifestyle incorporates fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. KristinaFullyRaw posts new videos every week that include recipes, tips, tricks, vlogs, motivational, fitness, exercise, and inspiration on how to be the best version of yourself.


48 thoughts on “Why I Started Eating Salt After 8 Years | FullyRaw Vegan

  1. When there are noticuble changes or you are getting "a feeling" thats a telling sign that something is off or you have a deficiency! Stop trying to glorify your "no salt" regemin or justify it by your blood tests. You very clearly have no idea how the body works and how sodium is an essential mineral for very basic cellular function plus many other processes in the body. You have no business giving nutritional advice. If you all who watch is channel want REAL nutritional info about salt, I encourage you and Kristina, to watch Barbara O'Neill from Misty Mountain Retreat. She has a video about Salt that you all should check out. She is educated and knows how the body works on every level. Stop supporting a Youtuber who gives foolish advice.

  2. If you eat sea algae …( they have a lot of iodine and other minerals and also too much sodium for human body), and than you can hava a exceed the dose… and those raw vegan or vegan diets are for humans always in some aspects in some values too much or too less…of some vitamines or minerales…or protein..๐Ÿ’ž i like you and also i love your vloges..but i would like for you that you are honest, happy and healty woman..and be the real role model for people.. ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž

  3. If we do not get into the body of iodine from the salt, we do have a deficiency.and more than 8 years….without iodine?? …in half a year will be alrady shown that you are iodine deficiency..so I hardly belive thay you are without iodine 8years…๐Ÿ’ž

  4. You were losing electrolytes at a high rate. Eating the highly mineralized natural salt restored your electrolytes. Table salt has been stripped its not natural. There are 99 minerals that make up the body found in pink h salt. โคโคโค

  5. I always love watching your videos. I add salt on my heavy training days as well. I was getting "charlie horses" in my legs at night that were waking me up out of a dead sleep. I don't train every day like you, but I do add it on the days I do.(4-5 days a week)

  6. yes I had this conversation with jungle janie who's been raw for over 15 years. She found she needed salt esp when she hadn't been eating much veggies. I think kelp is a nice addition to the diet as well. Good for iodine.

  7. I think you should start incorporating some animal fats/ organic meat, it will plump up your skin. when I went hi Raw vegan and I earned a couple wrinkles I'm telling you, you're going to notice it more as you get a little older that you really do need some collagen. Foods fruits and veggies are not what they used to be, as in they're lacking a lot of minerals and and only God knows what else these days. That much sun is aging your skin.

  8. Red flag, people should be experts in the best nutrition for their particular bodies and not hang on to the (changeable) convictions of gurus. She has started to eat salt again and, oddly, spent a great deal of time explaining her decision. Celery, beets, bananas, tomatoes, and other produce provide sufficient sodium and potassium replacement after intense sweating. This sounds like excuses to incorporate salt back into her diet. Another red flag is that she chooses to engage in an activity that she knows causes an adverse effect on her health (depletion of electrolytes is what it sounds like she's describing). As others here have noted, hot yoga is not only unnatural but it's not healthy for the body if it causes your body to become deplete of essential minerals and to feel fatigued. Yoga is "supposed" to have a positive effect on one's body. Even though I don't think that added salt is necessarily bad, I do have concerns about people blindly following others' food choices and dietary paths instead of knowing the best choices for their own optimal health. Now, it's added salt. What could be next?

  9. I Love eating Salts that have the minerals. It has helped me to improve in caring for my health because I have low stomach acid. I'm not physically able to be fully raw vegan but I love watching your videos. Very inspiring, up building, Great!

  10. Hi Kristina, my brother stationed at Cyprus for 2 yrs or so so naturally the family would go out to visit him. He too was a marathon runner, and was provided with salt tablets to take every day. When we went over, the medic would insist we take them also (not that we were sporting people but because we were used to a much colder climate therefore our bodies were working harder, therefore depleting these minerals that needed topping up each day. Now I live in Australia and even when it is 40ยฐc and hotter, we still have to continue working, cooking, etc. Not every job or house has efficient power as often it is common that our power will fail through insufficient power in the power banks with our power companies and so Aussies are encouraged to drink 1 sport drink a day. I don't like these (their full of sugar) so I have always taken salt as I did in Cyprus. I have used this method for 30 yrs, it's good for me.

  11. what do u recommend for someone like me who, due to digestive issues and IBS, is sensitive to oxylates (sp?) Which are in a lot of healthy vegetables. I was craving fresh juice for a while so I was juicing carrots apples spinach parsley kale…. And it was causing me to be gassy bloated and doubled over with stomach pain. I know leafy green vegetables are healthy for most people but in my case they really do me in. Side note: I am not vegan, and with an issue like mine I don't know how anybody could be

  12. pink salt or any salt that has minerals, contains inorganic minerals, it doesn't do anything for the body other than raise blood pressure by being a stimulant. You were drained because you were overexerting yourself. I know you think you can do anything and never feel tired, but reality is we live in a toxic world and the body is working unbeknownst to us 24/7 to remove all the damaged cells from radiation and pollution so it never takes time off in addition to needing to repair itself from you overdoing with exercise. Fatigue indicates overdoing, not that the body is lacking some kind of mineral. Taking a stimulant to keep doing it is not the best practice IMO your body is saying you're pushing me a little hard take a break, not take a stimulant so you can keep doing it and avoid the symptom of feeling drained. Celery, carrots, etc would be the option if you truly think you are sodium deprived, as the sodium has been molecularly changed by the plant and can be taken up by cells. Inoragnic salt has to be excreted by the kidneys/adrenals and is enervating to the body. Comment meant only in love and because I don't want people to be confused and think they somehow NEED inorganic salt in their life if they're feeling a little fatigued because that is not the answer. It is dehydrating, sprinkle it on an avocado or zucchini and watch all the water be pulled out. Inorganic salt is not a good thing, it is not balanced chemistry by nature through a plant, it is an isolate.

  13. Yes, celery and sea salt (Pink Himalayan and or Celtic) for minerals. After drinking filtered water for a long time, it came to my attention that that process filters out minerals as well. This is a tasty way to replenish them. Thanks, Kristina๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

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