Why Are The Vegans And Carnivores Dying? 325,000 Subscribers

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30 thoughts on “Why Are The Vegans And Carnivores Dying? 325,000 Subscribers

  1. Hopefully your diet can keep you alive long enough to find the true and living God. Still preachin this new aged mumbo jumbo to only hear some day "Depart from me, I never knew you". A lot of people pray "Dear Jesus" Doesn't do much good if you have a Jesus you made up in your own mind. I can see your sincerity though, however misplaced it is.

  2. I give this video 3 out of 5 stars. It was great content. You are very knowledgeable on what you speak about. I think you shouldn’t let Casey get under your skin. I can see the disturbance on your face and hear it in your voice. You are definitely doing Gods work. Whoever Casey is, he/she doesn’t deserve either one of our energies. God bless.

  3. Dan I freakin' love you man!!! I honestly do. You are the first channel I discovered on you tube that I OD'd on. I subscribed and ordered your program, but then I veered off for the past year and went down a massive you tube rabbit hole. I studied the dark and I studied the light. We are consciousness and energy in a physical container. Your frequency is on such a high I can hear it and see it in everything you say. When we clean out the density of sickness within ourselves physically and spiritually we can realize the GOD within ourselves and expand our consciousness. I live in NYC in the heart of the matrix and more and more I come home in tears from the painful frequencies outside. There are so many harsh and discordant energies everywhere. Like you said it takes me from a 10 to a 4. I cant do it any more and you inspire me to make a change so I can live more naturally and expand my consciousness and find my way to help raise the frequency of the planet and serve. There doesn't seem to be a choice anymore for me. My sister was a homeless heroin addict for 10 years in NYC, and now she is an amazing healer living in Costa Rica working with plant medicines and helping people to awaken. Adversity can be a catalyst to awakening, and from that we can do what we came to do. Perhaps your own challenges served you. The planet needs more light workers. I know with all my being that your message is spot on- a direct path to higher consciousness of love and all that is. Unity consciousness 24/7 is what gaia and humanity need to get out of this dark controlled 3D matrix that sucks our life force. You are a light worker. Keep doing what you do, helping people to connect with themselves and to nature, keeping it real and raising the collective frequency. Thank you Dan, I'm back and I know your message is about much more than raw food, for me its about the ascension of gaia and humanity and how to apply principles that expand consciousness on a corporeal level.

  4. You are amazing. When I became vegan, I was a horrible vegan. I judged everyone that didn't eat and think just like me. I also started getting sick again same as when I was a carnivore. I was filling myself up with beans and grains and my body and mind were not happy at all. I watched the Jason Vale documentary and you were recommended for me the next day. I am working my way to 100% raw and my mind, body, spirit is changing daily. ❤️

  5. Hey what is your sign I really like you I love you brother NoH8
    Also sorry I dont have an avatar or content but I would like to have both soon to come I am working on a plan…
    Also please reply… I am very interested in response

  6. You have that vegan-anorexic look…but i have to admit you´re at least not pale (probably because you go in the sun a lot).
    So i wouldn´t even recognize that you´re vegan on the first glance.
    Not bad, you´re an outstander.

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