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36 thoughts on “I LOVE VEGETABLE POLICE!

  1. I have been watching all of your videos you have a lot of wisdom on what you've been bringing to the table. I thank God that you are doing what you love and keep giving. God bless you.๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

  2. Vegans look skinny and pale in their skin and unhealthy as they are not getting all the amino acids and other nutrients that comes from eating the biggest food group which is meat. Meat takes longer to process in your body which allows you to have more energy for longer periods of time and since vegans are not getting meat they eat TONS OF SUGAR to keep their blood sugar up from meal to meal. Sugar will wreck your body in many ways and vegans are sugar junkies. Vegans fool themselves on thinking they are eating healthy because they eliminated one of the main food groups and their horrible health reflects it. Instead they should be REALLY eating healthy by eating fermented foods as these foods heal people and I have personally helped many people heal of cancer etc just from eating fermented foods! Wake up vegans and stop living in a false reality!

  3. Thank you for addressing that comment section, seeing all that battling in my notifications (I randomly ended up being a pinned comment), was intense, and hate isnt helpful to anyone. Even the positive comments got hate. You and vegetable police make me so happy. Sending much love both of your ways. <3 always rise above the hate!!

  4. Dan you're Brilliant!! I am with you 100%. I have experienced that god state consciousness and have been striving to get back there since 2011 but unfortunately I keep letting myself get distracted by this illusion we call life. I've had a strong calling since 2011 to get back to nature and I wont give up. I WILL SUCCEED!!! Don't give the parasites your energy, that's what they want, they are just energy vampires with unshakeable cognitive dissonance. It's their loss, they've clearly got alot of karma to burn. Love is the only thing that's real โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

  5. Unfortunayely you can't stop haters until there's freedom of speech.. the only way would be not liking or answering to their comments at all, they would stop immediately lol. Have a great day!

  6. I love that you are back to being you. In my opinion you were too stiff and it didn't feel natural when you were transforming. BTW, how do I get my pic on this thing? I am not a faceless orange being

  7. Great that you've connected with Vegetable Police. I've enjoyed his sense of humour on his vids and also have enjoyed Snake diet vids, but philosophically I'm of the more vegan plant based leaning persuasion!!! I still eat cooked foods and occasionally animal products, but I do urine therapy which helps some way towards better elimination, and probably also digestion and absorption. I have often tried to be RAW vegan but have continued to FAIL. I can't seem to be able to bare being ALL RAW. Yet I can't seem to be able to manage to stay High Raw either, as the cooked foods are so addictive and all consuming…..they tend to push the raw out of the picture, and way way into the sidelines.

  8. Good message Dan.
    We have to get over this constant debating and obsession over food.
    Instead let's focus on other qualities a person has!

    This is the problem when your youtube-image is based so much around food. People have 1 million+ viewers just because they are vegan. To have unity we have to move beyond diet.

  9. death food =Agenda of the beast, demons, reptilians & parasites who wanna destroy your Soul and keep you incarnatng in this moon matrix endless. Raw Vegan is Sun Food so you can ascend back to the Sunยด, we are soular- beings. Sun Gazing- and light food to get those light codes. Its not about the body so much- is about getting your Soul healed. Love is your soul. The beast is taking essence from you. And is tricking you into darkness and put curses on you. Wake Up !

  10. Hello Dan, how are you, a dear son of the one God? I want to ask you some questions and please take them seriously cause they are honest from what i've gathered thus far. Raw foodists and vegans claim their diets are sustainable. If thats why do thousands people in the world complain about:
    1)Bad teeth.
    2)Bad digestion.
    3)Neurological damage.
    4)faster ageing.
    5)physical weakness.
    and many other symptoms in those diets. and giving us the, they "didnt adapt yet" doesnt sound convining since some of them are for years in those diets. whats your take on these?

  11. Dan, you are the first youtuber that got me looking at my own health. I been following you from the beginning..I still juice!! Love Baby.. Can you dig it?…. but you debase yourself associating yourself with Casey (Veg Pol). Your message has always been positive and honest… not always factually correct.. but with no hidden agendas.. Casey is a YT whore…..you are on another level amigo…. he is trash.. sorry! You have just been shot by the Love Gun baby….. xxx all the best.!

  12. I know how you feel I have been awakening and sharing it with my followers..spirituality and diet/lifestyle…the masses can be tough to deal with as they realize they aren't as "free" and smart as they once thought

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