Global Warming Crisis | 12 Years Left Until Earth Catastrophe?

Global Warming Crisis | 12 Years Left to Live? Global catastrophe?? There’s so much to discuss here, so I will share my thoughts and potential solutions. Even I admit that I have a lot of work to do in getting better about reducing my carbon footprint, but I will continue to try and to help spread awareness about this topic because it’s important to me. I pray this video is received well. Blessings to you! Join the NEW 7-Day FullyRaw Vegan Challenge: Download My FullyRaw App:

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43 thoughts on “Global Warming Crisis | 12 Years Left Until Earth Catastrophe?

  1. Whether or not you believe in global warming, the point of this video is to share that we can all do a better job of helping to make this world be a better place. There are no down sides to cleaner air, less trash pollution, cleaner oceans, saving our rainforests, saving animal lives, and more.

  2. Hi Kristina

    Subject: Check your kidneys are filtering!

    As a fellow vegan, I enjoyed your video on blood works results and food recommendations. Hope you don’t mind a polite observation, where you born with blue eyes? If you were born with blue eyes (being the Iris), I see they are now a light green with some brown marks here and there!

    Note, your eyes not only an input from the outside world, but also an output from the inside to, in that the Iris indicates the health status of all the vital organs and glands in your body. Think of the Iris as an Organ Health Status Dashboard readout app 🙂 It’s better than an MRI or any other medical test to indicate the health status of your body! You read the Iris like a minute hand on a 12 hour clock. Each organ is mapped to a specific location on the clock. For example a dark brown stroke on the Iris indicate what organ has issues and a black spot indicates what bone is fractured or broken. That’s how detailed it is.

    For you to complete your goal of better health and wellness, you should get an Iridologist to examine your eyes to inform you what organs still need attention. You can then detox and restore any of the organ’s to full health naturally using specific herbs.

    Just a quick observation, Your health between 2016 and 2018 has improved allot. In 2016, I could see from a distance in your video, that the lower half of your Iris indicated outstanding issue with your kidneys, adrenal glands, colon, ovaries, and finally bladder and/or liver.

    But now in 2018, I can see these organs a fully restored to full health, except for your kidneys, which may not be filtering as good as they should.

    Note, all the cell’s in your body dispose of waste. Your lymphatic system (being your cell waste sewage system) picks up that waste, and carries it to the kidneys that filter out what it can reuses and disposes of the cell acidic waste in your urine. It’s is vital for your kidneys to filter properly to correctly dispose of this acidic waste and your increase your health, wellness and longevity.

    Tip: If your urine is clear, then this indicates your kidneys are not filtering properly. You know your kidneys are filtering correct when you urine is a darker colour like marmalade with a misty film of waste in it contents. MD’s are incorrectly educated to think clean urine is the norm. The reason for this is because 99.9% of humans have filtering issues with their kidneys, due to a compromised western diet.

    Success Kristina with you’re good health journey

  3. I don't doubt that the climate temperature is increasing but is it really such a bad thing as they try to make it out to be?..
    We have come out of an ice age and a warmer climate that very likely have saved more peoples lives, think about it how many people do you know or heard of that have died of the supposed climate catastrophes cause of temperature increasing?.
    I feel like this have become a political way to open up borders in the west to create a one world government super power. Its all for money and wealth!

  4. It is worrying that many people don't care. They might fly to a vacation destination EVERY YEAR. Flying would create some 3000 to 8000 kg of CO2 emissions. This is equivalent to growing 1500 to 4000 kg food veggies.

  5. Dear Kristina , thank you so much for your wonderful channel , you really inspire me to go raw vegan and your recipes, your channel and you yourself are just wonderful , best wishes to you , Lara K

  6. i am actually feeling called to make this kind of video in my native languge. i honestly dont think this only reaches americans. the whole world needs to have a divine revoliution for the better. and thats something that i think my native country misses, so much close minded people. thankcyou for inspiring me.

  7. i am actually feeling called to make this kind of video in my native languge. i honestly dont think this only reaches americans. the whole world needs to have a divine revoliution for the better. and thats something that i think my native country misses, so much close minded people. thankcyou for inspiring me.

  8. Your emotions are clouding your thinking, and they are responsible for most of your misbehaviour, which is unfortunately extensive.

    Beliefs are not science, and nobody should have any belief about anything.

    Question: Why do people have beliefs?

    Answer: Because they are afraid of psychological pain.

    Read this excerpt from "The book of life" by Jiddu Krishnamurti:

    Acquiring beliefs to ward off pain

    Physical pain is a nervous response, but psychological pain arises when I hold on to things that give me satisfaction, for then I am afraid of anyone or anything that may take them away from me. The psychological accumulations prevent psychological pain as long as they are undisturbed; that is, I am a bundle of accumulations, experiences, which prevent any serious form of disturbance—and I do not want to be disturbed. Therefore I am afraid of anyone who disturbs them. Thus my fear is of the known; I am afraid of the accumulations, physical or psychological, that I have gathered as a means of warding off pain or preventing sorrow. But sorrow is in the very process of accumulating to ward off psychological pain. Knowledge also helps to prevent pain. As medical knowledge helps to prevent physical pain, so beliefs help to prevent psychological pain, and that is why I am afraid of losing my beliefs, though I have no perfect knowledge or concrete proof of the reality of such beliefs. I may reject some of the traditional beliefs that have been foisted on me because my own experience gives me strength, confidence, understanding; but such beliefs and the knowledge which I have acquired are basically the same—a means of warding off pain.

  9. Kristina, I like your message, however, don't for a minute trust IPCC, the UN, or any of the power and money grabbing shysters, who say nice things, while they are actually dirtying everything they touch. The massive, coordinated effort to convince people of their righteous causes, which you astutely brought to light, clearly indicates that there's BIG money behind this effort – do not to trust the liars!

  10. I actually think purchasing to many things is really bad for our planet. Everyone wants to create their own business there for end up contributing to more waste. Everyone wants to travel the world, not so good. People choose to give up what’s easiest to them. People wanna over indulge in everything including food. Do you actually think it’s normal or practical to consume a meal of just fruits year round? My meals are so simple and yes some consist of animal protein. But I don’t indulge on a tray full of chicken wings but I also don’t indulge on a blender full of fruit. I don’t believe either one of those is better than the other.

  11. Right, we all need to do better with consumption and carbon footprint, but Let's be careful with global agendas.. Global warming agenda is unfortunately about the beginning of one world legislation under those who do not have best interest at heart. This is not a beast we want to fuel.

  12. That's great we should spread awareness even if the devil is trying against us we should limit stupidity , and help our only world from garbage pollution , that some of those can't see, and don't help our planet, but just watch nickocado avocado and eat the amount of food that can feed an entire village 🏘💔

  13. thank you for creating this video. We need to all work together towards it. I can understand why in the UK this news about the IPCC is not everywhere. This need to be a priority on the news. everyone should be informed on how to create fewer greenhouse gases. People are aware of the plastic, but unfortunately not that much about eating meat. myself I am not a plant-based eater, but i am transiting, and reducing the animal products that I eat. Every little help. We can win this war with the GHG.

  14. Global Warming Climate Change is All for your Money, If it were true, read the studies, with all of the recommendations to prevent Green Houses, the outcome for the efforts is near1%.

  15. Not vegan but I have known about this for the past five years. That's why I'm moving my homestead off grid to a new private more discreet location farther away from town. I've been looking into growing more climate hardy food. I want to build an underground off grid climate controlled green house and such. I don't see a vegan utopia in the future. I see a lot of hungry people willing to do anything to feed their families.

  16. The fact that every major news source is peddling climate alarmism should tell you something unless of course, you trust the media. There is a big difference between believing that climate change exists and that it will have a hugely negative effect on mankind. The fact that the media and government-funded scientists don't make that distinction is hugely problematic. Human beings used to die due to the earth's climate all the time, but thanks to technology climate-related deaths have decreased to the tune of something like ~99%.

    The data shows it used to be warmer in the middle ages and in previous ice ages we had much higher levels of Co2. What makes everyone so sure that a catastrophe is coming where humans won't be able to effectively protect themselves? Not to mention that the climate computer model predictions have been pretty wrong thus far.

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