24 thoughts on “The Pillars Of Health With Spencer Mack

  1. greetings Dan, my name is Adam Isaac.
    i am an american practicing buddhist.
    i took my vows 4 years ago.
    So about 10 years ago when i became a health conscious person, i got so excited about my awakening that i wanted to share my knowledge with everyone. i was very passionate. So i did.
    well the same thing happened with my spiritual practice. i had a spiritual honeymoon of sorts.
    i was talking with everyone about meditation, "how's your practice"?
    "what lineage are you"? on and on.
    one day while talking with my Guru, he said, "Adam, it would be nice if you could stop using your spirituality to cover up your emotions.
    are you able to let Go?
    i did not no what he was referring to, but a few days later i realized that i talked all the time about what i was passionatte about, to hide my true emotions.
    this is what the Buddha called "spiritual materialism"
    we cannot truly meditate and be enlightened until we stop talking, and just BE.
    just "BE" with whatever arises.
    great spiritual strides are made when we stop trying to tell people what we know.
    with all due respect, you should try letting go of your virtual Ego Dan. i believe you will be much happier.
    we have to be able to strip ourselves of all our names we give ourselves.
    and ask yourself a question…what am i?
    without, no clothes, no money, nothing.
    emptiness…naked to the universe.
    no friends, no family, no name.
    what is this consciousness?

  2. in one of your videos you target the christians and said they were violent,
    "every religion , every faith, every spiritual group ,every military ,and every
    race has good and bad people killing is wrong period"

  3. As much as I want to join everyone in the twig and berries comments,, I really have a question for Spencer and/or Dan. Speaking of frequencies and cursing….have you considered the frequency generated in cursing? Is it negative? What is created from vocalizing curse words? Curiouser and curiouser.

  4. I love all these tips. I've been meditating daily the last month and now I need it. It's the best way to start ones day. I find it helpful to remind myself to be present as much as possible and that each day is a gift.

  5. Humanity is awakening to the role and responsibility we have to be truly human; compassion, stewardship, alignment with natural law, spiritual connection with our higher selves and the divine. These qualities are what will allow us to evolve to the next version of ourselves. The planetary shepherds who deserve to be called masters of our domain.

  6. Men as well as girls should be conservative. Think of the thousands of people staring at your nuts you perv. It’s easy to flaunt it takes discipline to be modest.

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