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  1. All you negative Nancy's on here need to eat more fruit and fast, get out those judgmental parasites. Hilde is beautiful, her energy is radiating so much light. She's glowing. Thanks for sharing Dan 🤗❤️

  2. Two of my favorite YouTubers together sharing their wisdom.

    How awesome is that?

    I wish I could hang out with both of you for a day. That would be too wonderful.

    Bountiful blessings to you both, Dan and Hilde!

  3. Just my honest feedback: she is kind of pushy and doesn't know how to interview. Even Dan seems taken aback after a while and just goes through the motions. Maybe this was a gem for her channel, but for Dan's channel this is not necessary at all . … Dan's recent interview/chat with that Spencer guy, on the other hand, was fantastic.

  4. Just had the gorilla milk WOOOSH!! 💫 👀 🧠💥✨WOW!!!!!! ….. wow man thanks! Wow 😮 It’ feels like it’s stimulating all the morocco conditioner in my hair!!!! Like the food from the outside of my hair and the food from the gorilla milk is connecting now. It’s a natural L-tyrosine 🌟🧠

  5. I recently found these videos. Trying to find a cure for my severely cross parasitic infections. I am in extreme pain mentally and physically. I have no way to pay for anything in these videos that will cure and help me. I am being eaten alive from the inside out. My primary care physician does not beleive me. My dermatologist made my infections worse. Like my doctors are purposely trying to kill me. They are close to succeeding. I live in Jackason, Michigan. Any suggestions are welcome. I have some medicinal herbs and capsule that are barely keeping me alive. I been drinking lemen juice and apple cider vinegar.

  6. Dan, Thank u for everything. Really. This was a great interview as always. I have a question, maybe a bit random but here I go. What do you think of coffee enemas ? for cleaning out the colon and helping the liver to detox . I use medium roast or light roast coffee beans . But my friend told me green coffee is the best. Im not sure. I really like the feeling of the medium or light roast. Do u have any input about putting coffee up the butt ? Is it good ? Bad ? Thanks 🙂 If U dont answer No problemo, Just thought I would put it out there maybe someone else has a suggestion or some wisdom to share about this.

  7. Wow! Hilde is sweet and you both are fab mirrors. First person I heard about dry fasting from was Hilde and Morse! Of course you two would meet someday! This is so meant to happen and be <3 Listening in…

  8. Dan looks like a BILLION bucks now! You can tell the difference from the old rv videos. Thank you dan for coming back to youtube. The words “you inspire me” cant describe it… Dont sweat the haters. Dont even read those comments please! You help so many!!!!

  9. I respect Hilde for all her work and she looks great. But for some reason when I see her in Dr. Morse videos or this one with Dan, I feel like fast forwarding her and go straight to listening to Dan or Dr. Morse. May be it's the tone of her voice that doesn't resonate with me ..🤔

  10. We moved out to the country as it has been calling my husband and I for years…We have 5 beautiful natural, wild acres that our kids run around on every day…The air is clean, we have a creek…It is HEAVEN on earth and I do believe we are where we're supposed to be…Now to create an orchard and get us some beautiful food growing..The difference for us being there spiritually is HUGE…So very thankful for the inspiration in this video and confirmation after confirmation that we are not alone in being called out of the matrix and into who we are ..Spirits inside vessels ..May we be a blessing to those in our life here on the West Coast as you are to so many through this platform. Seeking his truth and wisdom and mysteries… Terra in Oregon.

  11. Some reason this "MARRIED," woman needs to stick one leg out from under her dress, to tempt, not only the man she is in front of, but all who veiw this video? 😱😩😖 Really??? How does that for into the subject matter? A great flaw in your intelligence!!!

  12. I'm literally sitting here eating a maple donut right now that someone brought into the office. I've been off meat for a few years which has been life changing and awesome but I've been lead to consume only fruit…I live in the pacific northwest..I have a husband and three kids..We are a very 'normal' family. This just adds fuel to the fire though that I come across this video and it gives me confirmation that I am being lead by the spirit to ditch the rest of this junk that's thrown around every day and dig straight into the healing fruits. I'm very curious if either of you has read the Essene Gospel Of Peace? I was lead to this after supernaturally being lead to stop eating flesh. I'm also being lead to fast. I am still breastfeeding which is all that has kept me from doing so. I believe that through this fast I will be shown more confirmation on these things that I know in my spirit. Thank you thank you! (And love your channel too Hilde just checked it out.) You both are wonderful.

  13. Aloha, brother Dan.
    Thanks for your service to humanity!
    Did you consider getting onto alternative social networks (that don't snoop, spy, censor, sell your info etc.) like Minds.com, Steemit or MeWe?

  14. YES – Leave the city, if you can. If not, start planting trees !!!! More trees=more health and supporting nature.
    Also: find and connect with urban farmers or start a group of urban farmers. Plant as much trees, herbs, berry bushes as you can.
    IT'S TIME to start acting !! To fight for the future of (y)our children.
    STOP fighting against each other. So many christians are fighting each other…..it's ridiculous !!
    Help each other, Love and Forgive !
    Our ancestors / your grandparents ALSO fought for YOU !!!
    Stop being lazy, selfish and a contributor for the ones, who enslave you and don't give a S**t about you / poisoning you everyday of the week !!!

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