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  1. It’s all very very interesting what’s happening with the whole carnivore thing. On the one hand, I do think dan looks pretty good for his age, but I do seem to notice this trend in raw foodists long term particularly in the face where it seems a lack of saturated fat or collagen or something seems to make the skin a bit more saggy. I can slightly notice this in Dan.

    Now compare this to Jordan Peterson, who must be around the same age if not a bit older, who in the past looked much worse than he does now. But now, he’s been on this carnivore diet for a while, maybe a year or so, and go look at how he looks in this video!


    To me it’s very interesting because in my opinion he doesn’t even look much worse than Dan! To me they both look about the same, but Jordan actually has a healthier fullness in his face and skin than Dan in my opinion. And he hasn’t spent his whole life caring about diet. So to be able to look like Jordan does in just a year, as opposed to Dan for 15 years being raw, it’s interesting to look at.

    I will post 2 more examples of before and after of a woman I saw recently who was raw vegan for nearly 20 years, who recently went carnivore, and it’s amazing to see the difference in her appearance in such a short time and she is in her 50s I believe.

    Anyways, I’m undecided. I can see both sides but must say I’m still not convinced by the raw vegans. The simple lack of long term raw foodists who actually look very good to me makes it a hard sell. Maybe it’s just me, but all the really out there stuff too makes it hard to follow. I understand it is interesting to think about, but I think the reason most people don’t stick with it is because it simply isn’t practical. Not to say it’s not worth it, but simply put, 99% of people will likely never take this journey, especially when they see someone like Dan whose sole work for nearly 20 years has been detox, he’s still not finished detoxing, and then they see Jordan Peterson who is nearly the same age who looks basically as good if not slightly better and in my opinion more masculine and has just been eating meat for a year.

    Not to mention that vegetables don’t exist in nature basically, and all evidence points to humans eating meat for all of known history despite the continued argument from vegans and raw foodists that humans are frugivore primates.

    Check out the before and after of this woman below as well.

    Wish you the best dan. As far as I see it, time will tell what is true. For now, I tried being raw vegan for 2.5 years and it was not working for me at all. Thanks! Great video.

    Update: Jordan Peterson is 56 and Dan is 44 I think? So there’s a 12 year difference and they look pretty much the same to me. Not that looks are everything, but it does make it a harder sell from Dans perspective, not that he’s necessarily trying to sell his view I know he’s just doing his thing. I just like to study it all.

  2. anyone else noticed the day when this video got uploaded, a stack of like 12 comments or so got deleted, one of them was my own.
    I remember the guy who started commenting did write about "how can I make it to a 40 days water fast"
    About 1-2 weeks ago I noticed the same thing happening on a different channel, is youtube/google recently deleting comments even if there are no hateful aspects or any other indications found in those comments?
    This is pretty bad if they do such a thing in my opinion, anyone saw this "phenomen" happening on any channel/youtube video recently?

  3. Hey Dan, seems like you’re more comfortable speaking openly when you have your shirt off! I’m the same way 🙂 might be worthwhile to just keep it al natural all the time, even in interviews! Be that sexy example bebe 👨🏻‍🍳

  4. Fasting is my daily ritual and so beneficial not only for spiritual and productivity purposes, but also for enhancing beauty and rejuvenation! That has been my personal experience.

    I listened to this video as a podcast several days ago while on a nice long walk, and time has never passed so quickly!

  5. Excellent! Dan the Man your vids are getting better and better, and they have always been great… such a good vibe. Please keep on doing vids you are an inspiration pointing out what's important. Inspired to do a water fast. Check out John St Julian Baba Wanyama if you haven't already. He's on a similar vibe to you – water fasting and service to divinity.

  6. Keep walking between the two lines of force. Telepathy and psychism is ever a byproduct of evolving consciousness.The inward way is the path to self love. Respiration exercises are key, but the air is no longer rarified for breatharianism to become a healthy reality with heavy metals and nano particulates filling the atmosphere. Attune to light frequencies instead. Celibacy is a natural byproduct in the emotional configuration phase and may not always last, since the union of the masculine and feminine forces are a pathway to Godhead.

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