35 thoughts on “Money Muscles And Women – High Intensity Training With Spencer Mack

  1. Alright, please forgive me ahead of time and please do not block me. I love DTM with all my heart! I own everything the man has ever put out and over the last two years my life has changed dramatically and profoundly and directly because of what he lives by and teaches. I don't think I could ever thank him enough, …seriously! That being said, I just recently started subscribing to Spencer Mack's channel after watching that amazing talk between two old souls on the river and in front of that beautiful bamboo, …EPIC!!! Anyway, I'm not a religious man by any stretch but I do believe in the God of Abraham, Yahweh, the creator of everything and his son Yeshua. I am not a follower of the one who goes by many names. So what's with the 'bull' horns at 5:38? Without getting mad at me or slamming me someone please tell me that that was just a slip and meant nothing right? I don't trip with masons or occultists. If that's who he is then fine I'll move on but I'm sticking with Liferegenerator though!

  2. yessssssss!!!!!!!!! its been a few years since ive seen ur vids, u helped save my lifestyle 7 years ago i stayed sharp for 2 or so years then started messing things up from there, drugs drink you name it i have been pressing the distruct switch and forgot about my love for myself, lately has been particularly hard with depression, ive been telling myself things are gonna change every day for months, woke up accidentally clicked on this and a memory of my love for myself came back, i had the feeling i had 7 yrs ago but only for a moment, that glimpse made me realise on a more real level that i am indeed on a sinking ship and heading nowhere without love and acceptance, that moment was all i needed to love myself again, i left the house n went to work out and run, the first time in while, the endorphins are pumping and i can do this!! its uphill but not for long!! theres something about dans presence that inspired me on a deeper level, I AM ACTIVATED!!!! thank you brother

  3. I'd like to see what would happen if you just ate amazing grassfed beef, veal liver, and suet. You would be jacked. I think one misconception is that your skin wpuld look bad, but I bet it would in a way look even better than it does now, which is saying a lot. Glad the current diet is working for you though πŸ™

  4. Dan you are lucky you got a quite competent and educated man on your side who knows much about practices like qigong, wushu etc. Perfect training methods especially the Ma bu

  5. Good advice in this video . And it's good to see Dan around like minded people . Good vibes and energy will feed off each other . This world can be hard for people like Dan . The closer you get to God the harder it can be around lots of people . Alot of people just don't understand Dan and can't figure him out . His soul is just on a different level because of the way he lives his life and people just can't relate to that .

  6. thank you so much for deciding to offer more consistent video content. We are so grateful and your presence always catalyzes aries inspiration, focus, and determination in our journey. its hard to find those kinds of mirrors!

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