Did Jesus Prefer Pork Or Beef?

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33 thoughts on “Did Jesus Prefer Pork Or Beef?

  1. If we are going to talk about Jesus we should actually understand who he is and what he is saying. Jesus -For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will also be ashamed of him when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels."

    Mark 8:38

  2. most people just go along with the conditioning programming of their controllers never evolving above the level of obedient wage slave for the war , fear and lack paradigm promoters . I hope you will make more of these videos sharing your spiritual truth with us . Gluttony for sense enjoyment distraction seems to be easy to cultivate in unawakened people .

  3. Dan. Celibacy and energy work . Awesome.
    A friend introduced the theory . How so many spend energy when it could b raised to great expansion . I have yet to really work on this but it sounds v v interesting.
    My friend ; a lady in her 50’s spent long , long time hoping for partner on same page . So many unable to sustain that energy work .
    It’s all pretty fascinating when u step on guess .
    cheers for sharing 🙂 ✌️

  4. It is Tamasic not tasmic…Tamas literally translates to evil, Rajasic translates to Rich, king/queen like. So animal products would fall under tamasic foods and other rich ,spicy ,oily denser foods under rajasic

  5. I would like to lovingly mention here that Yeshua/Jesus walked out the Torah PERFECTLY. He did not break a single commandment. Therefore he would have not eaten pork. Pork is defined as unclean in Leviticus. Today we are taught that we are now free to eat bacon in the name of Jesus because he died so that we would no longer need to obey the commandments, but he himself told us that if we love him (Jesus) we would keep the commandments of the Father. I pray that you ask him to know you and that you may grow in his wisdom.

  6. (PLEASE READ) EPHESIANS 4:29 when you prayed I could feel the HOLY SPIRIT . I never finished the vido because halfway through it the F -bomb twice. Dan Iam proud that you didn't use the term but you should of corrected the problem. Its all about forgiveness so no proublem but it was a powerful first half video. I would of loved to hear the whole thing but its the only way I can not be apart of the sin . Love you so much

  7. Great rant, PLEASE have him back soon. One personal question: Dan always states he’s celibate so as to not expend his life force on sex, BUT does this celibacy include abstaining from masturbation also?

  8. Knee injuries are about fear of loss, and the damaging of the right side of your body is about your professional side and your masculine side… interesting…

  9. Was just wondering if Dan has any credentials? He has many followers that live by his words, dietary instructions, etc. Does he have any degrees in health or nutrition? Any medical background?

  10. It would appear that my comment was removed. We do not all have Christ within us…He only enters in if we invite Him in. He is a real entity and He does not force His way into your life. It's all free will.

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