27 thoughts on “Illumination ~ The Power Of Living Foods

  1. Keep smiling its contagious ! Looking vibrate and healthy great to hear your voice full of 'optimism and wholesome goodness'. Wishing you well Dan and your beautiful girlfriend a 'successful and prosperous night' with your new product launch on your island of paradise. Its been a privileged to have access to hear and view your posts always full of 'brave and honest positivity with a good dosage of GODLY advise to the path of pure happiness'. Inspiring to know your a survivor growing up as a JW kid
    and all the other road blocks along your journey still didn't completely break you and your umbilical cord to 'The Creator'. Its inspiring and brings me great comfort to know how clean and healthy your house keeping / temple maintenance is on your path to righteousness. Dan I've only come across your material of late and I wanted to give you some feedback and encouragement from a viewers perspective please keep going and being the light house for many of us online.

    BTW Dan it must have been a very very long journey from the baby oiled comb over hair and the 1970's boys suit with stuck on tie holding a watch tower and a bible in hand knocking from door to door to where you stand today after so many heart breaking trails either self inflected or others had induced. It only fitting that you landed on your feet in paradise on 'fantasy island of Hawaii' all thats missing for your up coming function is a small person called Tatu in a white suit shouting on the pier 'boss boss…the plane…. the plane'. Wishing you and your girlfriend a happy end to 2018 and even a happier new year going forward for 2019!

  2. Living foods are awesome, but I’ve known people who couldn’t improve certain medical conditions with diet alone. However, they did try a new technology (derived from nature) called molecular hydrogen and it did fix their issues. But I believe in the combination of living foods with hydrogen and the results I’ve seen are out of this world. Hopefully the world will learn about it soon. Here is a link for anyone who wants to see the best way to implement this technology

    And here is a link of one example of what it did for someone, such a great story, as type 1 diabetes cannot be cured with diet alone.

    Hope u find it helpful 🙏

  3. I should be there but I can't fly. I've never wanted to be anywhere so bad. I love you Dan!! I'm so proud of you!!! I'm also opening a raw living foods restaurant in my area in 2019. Wish I could go to yours so bad!! You are amazing!! I know your food is too.

  4. Congrats Dan!! Glad to see you always following your passion, you're an inspiration to all of us. Thanks for putting in all your time and energy into these thousands of videos. Keep shining that light brother! Peace and Love

  5. I tried what you doing It's the worst Diet you could be on. I looked sick my hair my Hair was falling out  I was super weak in the Gym  My weight was down to 140 and I am 5'11" I was unhealthy looking and old looking for my age. It was bad really bad. I am still on a Plant-based diet eating  Rice Potatoes Beans etc. and  I went to the Doctor got T-leave checked they were 450 very low. Now I am on TRT and HGH and B-12 shots.   I am very strong now in the Gym and the women are noticing me now. I am getting back to normal. Plant-Based + Fasting + TRT+ B12 shots = Bad Ass Vegan. Peace I'm out of here.

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